tumblr has become a bigoted unhealthy website where you are praised for fitting into as many obscure minorities as possible and are told whatever u say is invalid if u are part of any majorities and it’s out of hand and ridiculous

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6th March 2014, request - ii.

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6th March 2014, request - i.

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Anonymous: Not sure if you still check this blog but I really love your poetry and was disappointed you've stopped posting. If you do see this, is there shy chance you could write something about distance between friends/couples, or just missing people Thanks xx


I will try to do this today x

okay actually posting them now, like 2 weeks late oops

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2nd February 2014:

Friends I wish I had - iii.

Jay Gatsby - The Great Gatsby.

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I am taking a break from this blog and Tumblr. I don’t know how long for. I want to work on some bigger projects and I feel like I am using Tumblr for procrastination instead of productivity. I hope to return to this blog sometime, but I want to wait till I am producing better quality content before I do. I feel a change of scenery would be good for me, all my poetry seems to be about the same few things. And anyway I want to actually finish writing a novel eeeep. But thank-you all, I’ve written over 500 poems this year and I wouldn’t have done half as many without the support from you guys:}

bye for now x

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29th December - i.

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Merry Christmas Eve

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Anonymous: You should really post more, i dont think you realize how much people appreciate your work...

Thank you, but my poetry has really gone downhill recently so I see no point sharing it.

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Anonymous: Do you ever find inspiration for your poems from things going on in your life?

Sometimes, but a lot of what I post to tumblr is fictional.

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